Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sandwiches or Sand Witches? :D

So, I got the job at Subway.

And that's mainly why I haven't posted a thing.

I haven't cooked a thing...

I'm very tired of making teriyaki strips.

The job really isn't all that bad. I'm surprised to say that the ingredients really are fresh. The hours are decent, and the staff is nice. I'd still rather be designing websites, which was my original plan for the summer.

Teresa's web business is really taking off, and I'm really proud of her for that. Hopefully I'll be able to get something going to replace subway.

Until then, at least I'm still getting paid.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'll be the one helping you lose three-hundred pounds.

So tomorrow morning I go in for my job interview at Subway.

I really don't know what to think. I've worked fast food before, so I know how much of a hell it can be. I really hope Subway is better. With a lack of deep fryers, it looks a lot cleaner, and I don't think I would have to shoot myself should I be required to eat at work.

If Subway doesn't work out though, I applied last night to a local kitchen supply store....

Should I be worried that a kitchen supply store is my dream job?

... no. I need that pasta rolling attachment to my stand mixer, damnit.

Additionally, I've been playing Pokemon Pearl for the past month religiously. Right now, my team spans from lvl 30-50. I thought leveling them up evenly would be a nice change of pace, instead of having my traditional starter-tank. So if anyone wants to swap friend codes, I'd be very grateful.

... ok, maybe I should be worried.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Chipotle Chicken

So, as a part of my futile effort to best a Chipotle burrito, I tried playing with some chicken today. Raw Chicken Soccer wasn't so fun, but this turned out pretty good!

Burrito Chicken:

- Five chicken tenders
- 1 Tbsp chili powder
- Salt and pepper :D
- 2 Chipotle peppers in adobo
- 1/2 Cup water
- 1 Tsp tomato paste

Oil a cast-iron skillet and bring it to medium heat. Salt, pepper, and chili powder your chicken tenders and brown those in your skillet. Once those are done, lay those aside and add your water to your skillet along with your (now minced) chipotles. Once that comes to a simmer, dice up your chicken and add it back to the skillet. Let the chicken simmer in your sauce for about ten minutes. Toss that in a burrito and enjoy.

So that's what I did today. Right now I want to explore casseroles, so if you have any inspirations or ideas, comments are greatly appreciated.

Monday, April 30, 2007

World of Warcraft

So right now I'm playing through the free trial for Burning Crusades. I missed my rogue...

If anyone else is on Destromath, hop on and play.

So...should I fork over the cash for three months?

...I miss World of Warcraft..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some Old Arts...

These are actually from my drawing and painting final last semester, just though you folks would like to see them.

Monday, April 16, 2007

*Blows the Dust Off*

Wow... It's been quite a while. I've neglected my blogger far too long.

Just today, I've started plans to get a website development company up and running. I hope that this could possibly bring in some cash, seeing as I'm woefully unemployed.
There's no site yet, but I'm working on it. Expect links in a few days. This seems like a much more useful waste of my summer, and a good way of making connections with local businesses as well as getting my name out there.
The company is called Dust's Quintessence Web Design, kudos for anyone who picks up the reference.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A few thoughts...(origional, I know)

First and foremost, I am very sorry I have neglected my blogger. I've been attempting to move to my own server, mainly because blogger's template system in futarded. Unfortunately, I've come to find that running a blog without blogging software is testy enough to make you want to kill small, simple creatures. (Speaking of which, this morning I made a lovely breakfast burrito including scrambled eggs, salsa, and breakfast sausage. Very satisfying.)
With that being said, I'm just waiting until blogger fixes their template system to accept html again.
Also, if any of you have any thoughts of content you'd like to see, or anything else to attract readers/ad revenue. Do feel free to comment or send me an email. Geekswithchocolate@gmail.com if you would.
Additionally, I prepared some wicked veggy egg rolls today, recipe to come sometime soon.