Sunday, January 13, 2008

Joining the African Penguin Mafia

So, after a couple months of wrestling, grunting, and crying, I've managed to completely shed my dependence on the Microsoft money-teat, and am now running my Gateway MT3422 Notebook completely on Ubuntu Linux. I'm loving it.
My gaming is better. Faster performance, faster launch-times, faster networking.

I can actually use my wifi card. The words Windows and Wifi should never be used together, unless in the sentence "Windows cannot use Wifi for shit." When I used windows, I used to have to toggle buttons, reassign ip addresses, flip switches, and pray to corn goddesses just to get a single connection. Ubuntu- first try, connected, full strength, great speeds.

I'm liking this penguin. I could get used to being his friend.

Oh! New food on the way. I've got some wicked pizza and calzone recipes to show off. Check back often!

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